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Rime of the Ancient Mariner

"The solidity of these materials and the intensity of their colours help build depth, a magical illusion paying homage to the mechanics of theatre but on a scale that could never normally be achieved"      The Guardian 

"with Mark Holthusen’s video animations projected on a gauze in front of them a screen behind. The effect is almost seamless"      The Telegraph

The band really do appear to be under the gorgeous turquoise sea, in a fiery, red-hot hell or mixing it quayside with the salts. In the very best sense of the phrase, you don't know where to look.    Broadway World

"Mark Holthusen must take major credit for his amazing animations and designs projected on to front and back scrims, giving a 3D effect to the ninety-minute production, which is faithful in its own way to the Romantic Gothic, supernatural tale."      British Theater Guide

 "American visual artist Mark Holthusen to create a show that lingers between a Terry Gilliam-esque baroque film and a music concert."     This is Cabaret

"Designed by Mark Holthusen, a three-dimensional and eerily realistic animation sees screens, props and pre-recorded footage fly across the stage, putting the audience into a state of awe."      The AU Review

Lulu: A Murder Ballad

It’s that sort of night, with the trio making Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds look like a bunch of choirboys.   The Leeds List

"designed with flair by Mark Holthusen to create a world that is always just out of kilter, with its bent lamp-posts and sinister, skewed windows."      The Guardian

"This is not the snooty, snobby world you may have envisaged; this is dirty, scary and rebellious."    The Good Review

"the eye is constantly drawn to the brilliant designs of Mark Holthusen, always on the move, often lop-sided, drifting in and out to provide a pictorial link to Lulu's travels or an atmospheric commentary"    Whats on Stage


The humble but effective set much also be mentioned. Gone are the days of the roll-of-wallpaper backgrounds dropping from the ceiling behind the actors to set the scene on stage. River Bride perfected the use of projections on a white curtain, curved in a convex semicircle, so as a fishing boat drifted down the Amazon, the night sky floated with it. The minimalistic, yet functional stage gave the impression of simple, practical living, leaving ample room on the stage and in one’s mind for the unfolding drama.          

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