The Reviews are in for Corrido De La Sangre by Mark Holthusen

“A must see”

"A cinematic odyssey”. Wow !”

“Probably one of the best things you’ll see all year”

“Absolutely mind blowing”

“I didn’t want to come out of the theater”


“the spectacular projections used throughout the production. Director and video projection creator Mark Holthusen has created a visually gorgeous art installation that lives and breathes around the trio. Mexican idolatry is fused with marionette puppets that help tell the story like a living picture book, informing the lyrics and feel of the band’s music. It looks stunning.”

“Corrido De La Sangre  is another triumph of a show . Wit, love, drugs, death and an accordion make for a tremendous evening's entertainment. Strongly recommended!”

"It is solid, well constructed and stunning. And it feels honest.”

“a feast for the eyes as well as the ears in an impressive marriage of visuals with the music and the script.”

“a bawdy grab your crotch Shakespearean-style, served with swearing, blood splatter and a feminist twist of revenge.”

“Corrido de la Sangre is such an incredibly sad and moving story, one which is so artistically and skillfully told that you don’t want the with the best of performances, it all just looks so effortless and simple.”

“the disquieting humour and unsettling storyline makes the show hard to resist even if you cannot be sure of its exact nature.”

“The Tiger Lillies continue to make theatrical inspired work in their own style that, thirty years on, is still as matchless as it always was..”

"Visually it is gorgeous. The staging is intimate, and the combination of projections, shadow puppetry and papercut artwork create a constant feeling of wonderment as reveal after reveal alters the staging like a kaleidoscope and creates a sense of the performance being peeled back through the years like Russian dolls unfolding in size. The backdrop gives a sense of the decaying splendour of old Mexico and the ragged holes suggest the disintegration of cloth like flesh from a corpse. The projection of colours and shapes from fiesta lace and flowers to the gold of icons weeping blood to Mexican skies and flames of hell is visually stunning. It evokes the magical realism of Frida Kahlo but with the scale of Diego Rivera folk art murals. Director Mark Holthusen has created a beautiful visual spectacle that pulsates like a vast beautiful beating heart."

Projection Design for Manahatta at OSF by Mark Holthusen

 Photo: Jenny Graham

Photo: Jenny Graham


Mary Kathryn Nagle’s story illuminates the tragic consequences of commercial exploits, including the removal of Native American people and the attempted eradication of their culture, that gave rise to the America we know today. Securities trader Jane Snake is torn between worlds. Her return to Wall Street in 2008 brings her to Manahatta (“island of many hills” in Lenape), the homeland her Native American ancestors were violently forced to leave in the 1600s.


I was honored to work on projection designs for Sovereignty at the Arena Stage in Washington DC.  Part of Arena’s 10-year Power Plays initiative and the Women’s Voices Theater Festival.

Mary Kathryn Nagle’s daring new work, which debuts as the fourth production in Arena Stage’s Power Plays initiative, travels the intersections of personal and political truths, historic and present struggles. Sarah Ridge Polson, a young Cherokee lawyer fighting to restore her Nation’s jurisdiction, must confront the ever-present ghosts of her grandfathers.

Its on the stage now January 12th - Feb18th

Oregon Shakespeare 2018 by Mark Holthusen

I created a series of posters of the 2018 season at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with a laser cut paper effect.  Looks like its going to be a great season of shows and happy I could once again help them with highlighting the shows.   

Video Design and Illustration: Whisper House: Duncan Sheik & Kyle Jarrow by Mark Holthusen

I had the pleasure of creating a series of illustrations and animations for Duncan Shiek and Kyle Jarrow's Whisper House at The Other Palace in London.  Tickets on Sale now, go check in out if your in London this spring, runs thru May 2017.


"Mark Holthusen's artful projections, including slightly surrealist wave-like animations, and Alex Drofiak's moody lighting, and you have one of the handsomest productions to grace this stage in a long while."  British Theater Magazine

"Mark Holthusen has produced a series of evocatively monochrome projections that convincingly evoke the desolation of a barren emotional and physical landscape."


THE NEW Hudson Valley Studio and Workspace by Mark Holthusen

I first saw this place last May and fell in love with it, It took 3 seasons but I now have a Hudson Valley workspace and studio to call my own.  I was able to purchase the Bloch School of Music from the wonderful Bloch family and I'm proud to be the next caretaker of this amazing property. It has a 150 year old post and beam barn that was used as a music school and performance space and an accompanying colonial house from mid 1700's along with various cabins scattered around, all on 10 beautiful wooded acres with a pond and streams.  All visitors welcome, just be prepared Ill put you to work taping the maple trees but more likely sanding and painting.  Restoration to begin in the spring of next year.