LULU : A Murder Ballad, The London Reviews are in... / by Mark Holthusen



"by some arresting projected visuals and the ingenious use of gauze. This creates a shadowy hinterland in which a silent dancer (Laura Caldow) flits like a bird in a cage, reinforcing the point that no matter where Lulu winds up, escape – from the clutches of predatory men and her own destiny – is impossible." 

" director-designer Mark Holthusen's dazzling virtual sets. Computer visualisation doesn't get better than this: layer upon layer of projected environments shuffle and morph, and even the proscenium arch is a screen. One minute it's naturalistic, the next it hallucinates."
So what can audiences expect?

"Lulu – a Murder Ballad provides an evening of blackly comic entertainment that ridicules the socially powerful and draws humour from the grotesque. The audience is implicated in a world that gives space for competing voices, opinions and attitudes – a world that questions our attitudes to art, culture and social rules."

"As the description “ballad” suggests, this telling doesn’t need to be dramatised. Nevertheless, it is staged; instead of a set, director Mark Holthusen provides projected images which tend to prettify the narrative, while Lulu, a silent role, is danced gracefully but with little definition by Laura Caldow. As ever, Lulu remains an enigma. "