Elizabethan Rave? / by Mark Holthusen

An homage to a 80's and the 50's, I mean the 1550's.

Elizabethan court goes 80's glam/punk/rave?.  Pink wigs, chain mail armor made of sequins and lots of sparkles and rainbows  all on an outdoor Elizabethan stage?  Well, 6 weeks in Ashland Oregon as video designer for a new musical called Head over Heels by Jeff Whitty, It's an Elizabethan tale with the Go Go's music and here it is in all its glory. 

The show runs Wednesdays and Saturdays thru October 2015 in Ashland OR, its good fun and a spectacle.  

"The lighting and video projections are deliciously 1980s music video-ish and simply fabulous."
"Christopher Acebo’s minimalist set positively throbs thanks to lighting by Jane Cox and video projections by Mark Holthusen."
"It’s all joyful, contagious and outrageously funny."