/ by Mark Holthusen


Im trying something new here, a photo shoot.  Im down in Mexico in a small village about 4 hours drive from the nearest airport.  I have given myself the challenge of doing a photo project with no compositing. I need to simplify things.  Im also im doing something I don’t normally do, documenting what im doing.  So here you go.  

Im starting off by making as much as the photo lighting equipment as I can, We found some great guys to hand craft me butterfly flats out of wood, I spent some time in the work shop of the guys who are make the frames then off to the local market for silks and fabrics to cover them.  They are turning out lovely, nicer then any expensive piece of gear I have at my studio,  I already want to bring them home with me.  

Ive come to Mexico to photograph Muxes, Cock Fighters, Cowboys and Boxers.  Im working hard to steer myself away for the ever present and stereotypical  image of Mexico with concrete blocks, donkey carts and old cars, and working to create something new for me.  

Were starting with Muxes or the third sex, a old indian tradition in the Village of Union Hidalgo but its basically the lower pacific coast side of Oaxaca region.  Here boys at a certain age decide they are going to be woman, and it respected and encouraged.  

So Ill start there and try and keep updating as much as possible from the road.